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While we offer several different hunting options, our major emphasis on each bird hunt is always on pheasants. Plenty of shooting and full limits are standard fare. The regular season opens the third weekend in October. The daily limit for wild birds is three with fifteen in possession. We also offer a very limited number of early season preserve hunts for those who prefer the milder weather of late September and early October. The early season preserve hunts include a 4 bird per day limit.

Many hunts are carried out in traditional South Dakota style utilizing walkers and posters with plenty of good dogs and experienced guides. However, we also specialize in walk-up hunts with parties of 2 to 4 hunters working over a well-trained pointer or retriever along with just a single guide.

Each hunt is customized according to the size and specific desires of the party. No group is too large or too small. While we may have two or three small parties in our lodge at one time, they are not mixed for hunting purposes. HUNT WITH JUST YOUR FRIENDS AND COMPANIONS.

Annual Pheasant Restoration and Daily Bag Limits

Wild native pheasants are the bread and butter of our operation. We are in a game rich area and full limits are to be expected. Having a large acreage and doing the farming ourselves are critical aspects to maintaining a quality harvest clear through the long season.

Over the past 30 years, we have pursued an aggressive pheasant restoration agenda. We release upwards of 3000 birds late summer. By the time hunting season rolls around, our released birds have had plenty of time to mix in with native birds and filter out through our dense habitat.

The Guide Crew
The releases we do enable us to maintain over 2000 acres in a South Dakota hunting preserve. This, in turn, allows us to liberalize the daily limits and to extend shooting hours for selected hunts. In the big picture this is a very small part of our operation, but it definitely has some real advantages.

Our bag limit is four roosters per day prior to the opening of the state's native bird season on the 3rd Saturday of October. The bag limit for native birds in all of South Dakota is three roosters per day.

Once the regular South Dakota season opens in mid-October our preserve area serves primarily as a location used to allow our hunters to bag more than the 3 birds allowed by the state game laws.

So if you prefer the warmer weather of late September and early October or if it is simply a better time for your work or family schedule, this is an excellent hunt. Also if you are concerned about being limited to only 3 to 4 pheasants per day and would enjoy more time in the field, this is a great option to have available even in the native bird season. You already have all of the higher costs for lodging, meals, etc. built into your fee and it may make good sense to double your days limit for less than $135.00 extra! Additional birds are $45.00 each and do not require any advance notice or planning on your part.
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